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How Does A Fire Pump Work?

How Does A Fire Pump Work?

Fire pumps are among the most commonly used pumps for fire fighting in the world. These pumps are life and property savers. A good fire pump is easily portable and can be moved around to the affected area. They operate using diesel or electricity.

Fire pumps are particularly useful in high-rise buildings or storage warehouses. Even in buildings that are lower-set, fire pumps are integral to fighting fire hazards.
To protect your assets it is vital to get a pump that is well-designed and is installed professionally.
Let us understand the working mechanism of a fire pump:

These pumps are typically run using a diesel engine or electric motor. If a particular building needs power independent of their power grid then it is recommended to use a pump with an electric motor.

The pump starts when the pressure in the fire sprinkler system falls below a certain threshold. If more than one sprinkler is turned on at the same time, the pressure threshold tends to fall.

As part of the fire sprinkler system, a fire pump receives water from water bodies, or a water tank which is then supplied at high pressures through the sprinkler system and hose standpipes

Usually fire pumps have a horizontal split case. These are most economical and also easy to maintain and repair. They also have a long lifespan.

End suction fire pumps are another great option. These fire pumps have a casing where the suction comes in at one end and the discharge comes out on top. These are the most common centrifugal pumps and their configuration is the least expensive.

To determine which pump is best suited for your facility, get advice from your design engineer, or the supplier you are purchasing from.

Udyog Engineering Ltd. is among the most reliable and established suppliers of fire pumps in India. When you purchase from us, we also offer expert guidance on the kind of pump you should choose, keeping your unique needs in mind.

Pumps at Udyog Engineering are high-quality, long-lasting, and compliant with all safety requirements.

Get in touch with us for top-of-the-line fire protection systems.

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