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Where Are Self-Priming Pumps Used?

Where Are Self-Priming Pumps Used

Some pumps are partially or completely above the fluid level. In these cases, air can come into the suction line and must be evacuated before using the pump. Self-priming pumps can remove this air on their own before the pump begins operating normally.


Self-priming pumps do not allow air and water to mix by creating a partial vacuum to expel water while also removing air from the pump. This happens because the pumps mix air and water during the process of priming and then force the air to rise while pushing the water down or sink.

Due to gravity, the water from which air has been removed is forced back into the impeller. Then the water mixes with the remaining air present in the suction line.

The process goes on over and over till all the air is removed and a vacuum is created in the suction line.

After this, atmospheric pressure forces water into the suction line, and the process of pumping can begin.


Advantages of Self-Priming Pumps

  • They can handle different types of liquids
  • Self-priming pumps are a good option for slurries and corrosive liquids
  • These pumps continue to pump liquids even after they are not submerged in a tank or vessel
  • A good choice when it comes to frequent pumping operations as a start-up is faster


Now that we know how self-priming pumps work and their advantages, let us understand some of their industrial applications: 

  • Irrigation
  • Sewage lift stations
  • Pumping stormwater
  • Dewatering construction sites
  • In liquid transfer systems
  • Building up water pressure


To select a self-priming pump you must have a basic idea of how pumping works. This may not always be possible. The next best option is to choose a pump supplier who also acts as a trustworthy guide to help you choose the pump best suited for your facility. 

Based on your unique needs and requirements, our team at Udyog Engineering guides you on the pump you should choose so that you get the best of your investment and your project needs are met to your satisfaction.


To connect with us and know more about the self-priming pump you should get, reach us at enquiry@udyogengineering.com.


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